Me and Goose, (yes thee Goose featured in "The Table"!

My Next Project:

"The Space Between Good and Evil"

No the picture above  has nothing to do with my new project!  Thats just me and Goose, (yes, thee "Goose" from The Table!).  Here's the scoop on what I currently have my hands, heart, and mind wrapped around...

I have just completed writing my second novel,"The Space Between Good and Evil", which I hope to have published soon, (fingers crossed!).  The story takes on the cavernously deep question; Can goodness exist in the midst of great evil?  If you are curious, here's a brief synopsis;


Goodness exits everywhere, even in the heart of a Nazi soldier. Peter Mueller is assigned to a post he can’t even imagine exists; he is sent to be a guard at one of the most deplorable Nazi concentration camps, the SS-Sonderlager Hinzert near Luxembourg. There he is reunited with his former pastor, now one of his prisoners. Encouraged by the priest he once admired, Peter realizes the good he can do while assigned to his position in hell.


In the same camp, William Chazen, a Jewish professor, is struggling to keep his family safe. But he is slowly losing the battle to keep his eldest son’s detrimental mental condition a secret. When his and Peter’s paths cross, they realize that they can help each other: Peter can help save William’s son and William can help save Peter’s soul.

For Additional Information:

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