"Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you." James 4:8


A table built by the grandfather of Jesus Christ,

Protected for centuries, 

Encounters a man in his time of greatest need. 

"Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you." James 4:8

Winner of Two 2018 Catholic Press Assoc. Awards: Best Book By A Small Publisher & Novel Catagories

Faith, Fiction, Love

A Little About "The Table"

First century Christianity and present-day musical aspirations meet in the story of a miracle table built by the grandfather of Jesus Christ.  The table is placed in the hands of a Centurion named Cornelius following the death of the Messiah. Given the title of table bearer and a mission, Cornelius begins a history of bringing peace to those who encounter the table, a mission that will be sustained for over two thousand years.  In the later years of that mission, the table and its current bearer, an autistic young man named Anthony, encounter Michael Fortunato.  At the very moment of his breakthrough in the music industry, Michael loses the only thing that really mattered to him, his wife Debbie. The loss sends Michael into the center of darkness which he seemingly can’t escape. That is until he meets Anthony, a table, and a story that is over two thousand years old. 

A Little Bit About The Author

Dennis Lambert and his wife Debbie live in Phoenix where he serves as a Deacon in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix.   A graduate of Lake Forest College and the Kino Catechetical Institute, Dennis recently retired from a twenty nine year career in the pharmaceutical industry in order to dedicate more time to writing and to serving the Church.  In addition to his passion for writing, Dennis and his wife share a deep love of music and have performed together in bands, both in the Chicago and Phoenix areas, for almost three decades.     

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What Other's Have To Say About "The Table"

“The Table is an inspiring, soul-stirring and thought-provoking read. Lambert’s writing seamlessly transports the reader back to the early Church, giving insight and context most Christians lack but sorely need. The Table tackles many of life’s greatest themes and contextualizes them in the light of Christ. The story was fascinating, the characters intriguing and the story, compelling. I highly recommend this book and will be reading it again!”  – Mark Hart, Executive Vice President, Life Teen, Best-Selling  Author, Speaker and Radio Host  

  “The Table is a gripping and beautiful story that displays the peculiarity of God’s plan and how He can bring all things together for good. Lambert creatively weaves a narrative that follows what one might call a conspiracy of grace that spans over two thousand years.  The Table serves as a reminder that our needs and God’s interest in drawing close to His people are the same as when He set His saving plan into motion through a family in a small town all those year ago.” – Ryan Hanning Ph.D, Asst. Professor of Theological Studies, University of Mary – Tempe 

 “Deacon Dennis Lambert’s The Table deftly and delightfully interweaves ancient and modern tales that uplift, edify, and entertain. Grab a cup of coffee, pick it up from your table, and prepare to be enthralled.” – Kevin Vost, Psy.D.,  Author, Speaker, Professor, Radio Host 

 “A fascinating Christian legend with a matching contemporary drama, The Table will capture your heart and inspire your soul.” – Ronda Chervin, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Author

The Table Gets Reviewed By CatholicReads!


CatholicReads.com is a website which reviews select inspirational novels and in turn offers them for a period of time at a discount on their site.  You can visit the site at; https://catholicreads.com/2018/11/03/the-table-by-dennis-lambert/    Below is a copy of their review of "The Table".



The Table by Dennis Lambert

Review by S. Leigh Hall

A miraculous table built over 2000 years ago by the grandfather of Jesus Christ and marked beneath with the words “Love has come” survives the darkest moment in salvation history to bring peace over 2000 years later to a modern day musician just as he loses the love of his life in a terrible accident.  

Author Dennis Lambert links two different eras in an incredible journey through Church history to present day. Though the trail of the table isn't fully revealed until the end of the book, two stories weave together thematically to show how humanity survives through its brokenness with the assistance of faith and love.

The saga begins with Jacob, the father of Joseph, at the bedside of his dying wife, Rebecca. She elicits a promise from her husband with her last words, revealed to her by an angel, “Believe what Joseph tells you.” Years later, a heart to heart talk between Joseph and Jacob introduces the words of another angel regarding the pregnancy of Joseph’s wife and the incarnate birth of their son. Though elated to discover his grandson is the Messiah, Jacob is heartbroken to learn that they must flee to Egypt to save the child.

Between each of these first chapters, Lambert time-travels to the 21st century to the life of Michael Fortunato and his wife, Debbie who together realize the dream of their married life to attain success in the music industry. Just as they say yes to touring as the opening act for a famous rock and roll band, Debbie loses her life in a car accident throwing Michael into a deep, downward spin.

The writing of the book is top notch. As a deacon, Lambert knows his church history. I marveled at the characters he sprinkles throughout his narrative whose names resonate with similar characters in the Old and New Testament. The original Jacob, son of Isaac and Rebecca, married Rachel, who bore a son named Joseph. Lambert uses the name Rebecca as the mother of Joseph, father of Jesus though we don't know her actual name. Other familiar names are Ephraim, Simeon, and Laban.


Most prominent of the Biblical characters other than the Holy Family is Cornelius. He is a Centurion who witnesses the changing of water into wine by Jesus at the wedding of a wealthy merchant’s daughter and becomes fascinated by the young Messiah. When the merchant is arrested by Roman soldiers and all his belongings are confiscated, Cornelius decides he must rescue the Table where the miracle took place. He finds it discarded in a courtyard and witnesses the horrible scourging of the man he so admires. The Table that holds the whips used by the Roman soldiers is splattered with the blood of Jesus. Cornelius becomes the Table Bearer when Jesus raises his head, looks at the Centurion and whispers the words, “Love has come.”

The chapters intertwine back and forth, and in the current time, Michael must find a reason to continue living without his wife. Friends attempt to entice him back to his love of music, but it isn’t until he meets an Autistic young man named Anthony that he takes a step out of his depression. Anthony carries a family secret in his backpack that no one is allowed to see, and since the death of his only living relative, he needs someone he can trust to care for him.

I think I learned a little about Lambert as I read this novel. Obviously, he loves music, and he and his wife, also named Debbie, perform together in bands. If I met him, my first question would be, “Have you ever performed with a famous Rock and Roll band?”

This book is undoubtedly great for young adults, but as an older "folk," I also enjoyed the music scene theme. The worldview is definitely Catholic, but any person who appreciates a good, clean read would find it here. 

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I have just completed writing my second novel,"The Space Between Good and Evil", which I hope to have published soon, (fingers crossed!).  The story takes on the cavernously deep question; Can goodness exist in the midst of great evil?  If you are curious, here's a brief synopsis;


Goodness exits everywhere, even in the heart of a Nazi soldier. Peter Mueller is assigned to a post he can’t even imagine exists; he is sent to be a guard at one of the most deplorable Nazi concentration camps, the SS-Sonderlager Hinzert near Luxembourg. There he is reunited with his former pastor, now one of his prisoners. Encouraged by the priest he once admired, Peter realizes the good he can do while assigned to his position in hell.


In the same camp, William Chazen, a Jewish professor, is struggling to keep his family safe. But he is slowly losing the battle to keep his eldest son’s detrimental mental condition a secret. When his and Peter’s paths cross, they realize that they can help each other: Peter can help save William’s son and William can help save Peter’s soul.

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